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HYD. Cutting M C

HYD. Cutting M/C Specifications Model Power Max. Output HT Max. Output Width Max. Output Machine Size Machine Weight KS-1070 15 HP 700 mm 1000 mm 62 ton 1600 x 800 x 2800 mm 2300 kgs Our experienced recycling plant design team would be delighted to discuss your re

Pelletizing Extruder, Compact design, and clean cut pelletizing system

Compact design, and clean cut pelletizing system

Rolling Type Washing Machine

Rolling Type Washing Machine Specifications Motor Roller Size Screen Size (mm) Material 5 HP Ø1450 mm Ø25 mm L 5785 x W 2380 x H 2400 (Not including stand) Stainless Steel SUS 304# Stand - Iron SS 41# Our experienced recycling plant design team would be delighted t

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A recycling plant and recycling equipment supplier based in Taiwan, Kun Sheng, has an elite design team and employees providing recycling plant services in terms of plastic (hard and soft materials) recycling production line, cable and wire production line and wood recycling production line. In addition, we made consumer’s designed machine with special requests. Therefore, we made crusher, granulator, shredder, pelletizer, and other equipments. De-Watering & Pelletizing Machine (DPP300) is our the most impressive machines with many country’s monopoly.

With more than 20 years of experience, Kun Sheng is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality shredders, granulators, dehydrators and recycling plants with recycling solutions. Our wide range of recycling equipment and solid recycling plant design skills enable you to select the production lines with features so important to all different requirements – reliability and strength.We make consumer’s designed recycling machines for various requests and demands.

Kun Sheng, a company that designs and manufactures recycle plants and recycling equipment for more than 20 years. With our seasoned experience, we design recycling plants that look professional and environment friendly, and each recycling machine is made to be productive and reliable. We are capable of designing production lines for different recycled materials, including plastic recycling production line, wire recycling production Line, cable recycling production line, tire recycling production line, etc. In order to ensure each recycle equipment's best achievement, recycling machines are made with rigorous standards.

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